Get your gear at!!!!

I'm strappin up right now!!!! All sorts of gear is on sale. lol, the funny thing is that of all the Kings jerseys the only ones that they've marked down are the Webbers. :)

I'm getting another hoody, this one's gray instead of black, 24 bucks marked down from 55. A pair of pants, 19 bucks marked down from 74. A gray practice t shirt, 9 bucks marked down from 20 something. An Oscar Robertson Royals shirt, 9 bucks marked down from 30. And an awesome hat for 12 bucks marked down from 23. :)

AND I'LL BE WEARING THIS SHIT AS SOON AS I GET IT!!!!! lol, I was sportin the Peja jersey yesterday, it felt good supporting my team even though they lost. I feel good knowing that I'm out there rockin my Kings gear while all the Laker fans had taken their car flags down and tucked away their shirts the day after they were bounced. :)

Here's the hat.Here's the hoody. The lettering and color isn't nearly as cool as the one I have but it's good to mix things up.Here's the practice shirt.Here's the Robertson shirt.And here are the pants.ALL of that stuff before the sale prices would have cost me 200 bucks WITHOUT tax and shipping. Instead I got it all for just under 100 bucks INCLUDING tax and shipping. I'm stoked. :)

I do, but somehow I make it work. lol, I really am about 50 lbs overweight. :)

LOL!!!!!! No way, Vlade's not over weight, he's just under muscled. lol

lol, GTFO of here mentioning your pecker while we're talking about Vlade!!!! Fuckin fayg!!!! lol