Get your GSEC?

I think it's time to get a cert... this can become the OG's "Get Your GSEC" thread for swapping info....


hey T0ki, what's the best way to get the GSEC if you have a pretty good library of infosec books but not enough money to get the online course materials?

I don't have a spare $2000 lying around, so I can't afford the course materials SANS sells. I may be able to afford the $450 challenge fee, though.

OK. SANS has a "mentoring program" where old GSECs contribute their time and energy to mentor. You CAN learn simply from the materials if you are disciplined, but the interaction from the other people in the classes is irreplacable. Price is like 700-1000. A bit better than 2 gees.

thanks T0ki!

looks like I need to start saving up.

Unfortunately..... :-(

Let me know how it goes, or if you need ANY assistance on anything GSEC related.


T0ki, if you do the Local Mentor course now, they automatically include the Online Course.

so, it costs $2595...

I found a offical GSEC book you can purchase, but it's from March 2002 and they've apparently been upgrading the online courseware continually and focusing on that...

$2595 is a lot to pay for a bunch of PDF's and MP3's that's basically 3 thick-ass books....

ttt for T0ki