Getting a modded Xbox

I would like to get a modded Xbox to replace my old broken one. How easy is it to copy games for it, and how do I do it? Where is a good place to look for a modded Xbox and what type of modded Xbox would be best for the money?


I got a modded xbox. My friend modded mine for me,but he learned how to from And I bought the Xecuter Lite chip from and it is pretty good. To answer your other question, it is real easy to transfer games. I use a program called DVD2Xbox, and all you have to do is insert the dvd in the Xbox and it burns right to the harddrive.

I have a modded xbox with out a chip, we flashed the bios of the xbox and installed a 160 gb hd. I use the actual xbox cd drive to copy the games onto the hard drive we intalled unto the xbox. I have over 55 games on it right now. Load times are awesome. xucuter2 bios flash. Works great. I live in so cal if you want more info or need it done.

I live in Ohio. Maybe you could come up with a price and I could just send you the money for it and then you could ship it to me here in Ohio. are trust worthy.

I have my Xbox modded with an Xecuter 2 and networked with a PC. I still have the original HDD in there. I just FTP into the Xbox and copy from the Xbox DVD drive to my computer's HDD. Then I just make an iso (simple to do) and burn it to DVD. I keep a few games on the Xbox HDD but mostly I have emulator stuff on there, I still have planty of room left too. Adding a bigger HDD would be cool but at this point I couldn't fit them all on a bigger HDD anyway so I like the DVD method.

Check out alpo's thread on questions. Maybe he can do it for you.