getting a trainer, ideas?

so my parents thought it would be a good idea to workout with a trainer a few times before I head back to school. I agree that it could help. However im as strong as ive ever been right now, and id like to think that I have a decent idea of what im doing. Question is, what should I tell this guy I wanna work on? I dont really have any interest in doing plyo work or running around cones. I feel pretty good with my form on the 3 powerlifting lifts. Im still in a strength mode, trying to get all my lifts to 200lbs is really my only goal. Not sure if its even worth asking to learn stuff like cleans, snatches, or jerks. Maybe just get some technique help and motivation. Anyone have any thoughts?

Find a college or an Olympic training center, a personal trainer (such as Bally's or whatever) will know nothing of realistic athletic training. This will be a waste of time.

I dont have access to either. Does that mean I should just forget it?

For the equivalent price of a trainer they can get you a set of medicine balls, some good shoes, some protein, maybe an Olympic weight set (if you have room), or some videos or books, or many other things that are cool that won't make some lame trainer rich.

As the "lame trainer", give us a try (hell, e-mail me if you want man, I'll give you some advice free. While there are plenty of trainers who will have you doing things like plyos and cone work, lots of us do use a mix of traditional training and some unique wrinkles to give a great workout. I know that by using some of the ideas I've learned from other trainers, I've increased all my lifts. I now do sets of incline DB chest press with 110 lb bells, as opposed to only 90 lb bells about four months ago.

im going tomarrow afternoon. I'll give him a chance to either impress me or fuck up. I think thats fair.

I am a trainer as well, Odds are not good that you will get a good trainer. Maybe 1 out of 1,000 trainers are knowledgable in strength & conditioning for sports.

99.999999% of trainers have a very very very limited knowledge of anything other than looking pretty.

Please update us on your experience and the advice he/she gives you.

Most trainers have a 1 day ACE certification. Absolute crap. I have an ACE cert as well and it is only good as toilet paper.

I had to go to college for a year for my certification, and I am still in college majoring in Exercise Physiology.

I do not like the supporting of commercial gyms.

Most trainers are a joke, I wish you luck.

A person who concentrates more on athletic training and not on selling memberships, anyone who follows a philosophy like ACE is not a good trainer, but rather, a con-artist.

Not to worry, it turned out to be a big waste of time, typical. Showed up early to pay for the training session and the person working the desk had no knowledge of the trainer I was to be working with. Even after several calls, the existance of the this trainer was seriously in question. I was told that I could wait for him to show up. But I decided not to being that I had no idea who he was or what he looked like. Oh and the price for a 1 hour training session was $40, almost double what I had expected to pay. Fuck these people, im going back to school in a week anyway. Thanks for the help.

My point is proven, now go buy something cool for yourself, and avoid commercial gyms.

BTW, $40 is cheap, most places charges $50-$75 or even $100 per hour.

Good luck.

"Most trainers are a joke, I wish you luck"

You know it's funny I know so few of these guys that are actually sincere. They are on the cell phone,have their kids in the way and tryng to get laid with women all while they are with clients. Some of these clowns are such a joke. Really training can be something done on quest by yourself. You can read and ask questions that is a big thing. Read up and really do alot of training to see what works. I am so glad I never listened to half of that shit. I am not saying its not good to be pushed and there are a handful of great trainers out there but take your time.

I agree with finding a "real trainer". I train at a NYSC in New York and 95% of the people training their don't know anything about training guys for a sport wrestling, baseball, football.
Even though I train there I also train outside of NYSC. I train guys geting ready for football season, guys who want to add weight for baseball, bodybuilding.
I can't do that kind of stuff at NYSC cause they frown on that and alot of that training requires being outdoors and/or a t a feild of some sort.

I also meant to say how many of them are really not in that good of shape walking around with clipboards. It's pretty funny to see that. It really does not say much about them and gives the whole "personal trainer" thing a bad rap.

Where are you from, FL?

If you want someone to help you.. your best bet would be to ask around on strength training boards where people know what they're talking about. If the members aren't in your area, perhaps they know someone who is.