getting a website for your biddnes

how much does it cost to get somebody to create a website for your buisness with the ability to accept credit cards and also do site maintenence and stuff.

anybody know?

also can you write these costs off at the end of the year?


What type of site are you creating? The cost really does depends on what you want and who you have develop it for you.

There are different ways you can go with the credit card processing depending on how much control/flexibility you want. By control I mean custom shopping cart vs. generic cart, order gets processed on your website vs. customer is sent to a 3rd party payment processor, etc. If you're just starting out and want to keep expenses down as much as possible you can go with something like

The time and cost of site maintenence will be dictated most by who you have develop your site. If it's poorly designed, you'll be constantly patching in HTML and struggling to keep the site organized as you make updates. If it's done right, you'll have an administrative area where you can customize things pretty easily.

You can definitely write the cost of the website off on your taxes if this is a website for your business.

cool thanks man, the only thing i know how to do is post on the og and read my hotmail, anything more than that and im hopeless.

i should take some courses or something.