Getting better at chess

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Challenge me @greco_yeoman same name

Any of u faygots ever try the peckerbird system if tactics training?

What’s your username

On i have a 1075 rapid rating after 75 games. What level is that, like high beginner/low intermediate?

I always come back to chess once my brain settles from a concussion. If I come back to it early it just infuriates me.

Wondering if I need more settle time because … grrr mf, you guys got me into puzzles.

If you can’t find me you have no chance in hell of beating me.


You must have challenged me before but the site is blocking you. Need to charge phone, picsart heats up the battery.

Weird. I’m not sure, but I’d be happy play a game when you’re ready :wink:

Try challenging me? Sometimes if I’m not on my profile page i don’t receive challenges. Idk why. But I’ll stand by for the next half hour or so. I’d like to do a blitz, 3 or 5 min if that’s cool

I’ll do an ‘OG chess club’ pic or something if ppl message me their AV pic.


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10 minute game anyone