Getting better at chess

Ha ha - I remember getting the first challenge like that - getting two moves in and going ‘wait wtf’

Gotta keep you guys on your toes. That Caro Kann doesn’t work too good when the pieces are shuffled like that. LOL

season 7 mad laughter GIF

Gg mate

You finally played a whole game like I knew you could. Well done, @PepperUK
You were always ahead of all my ideas.

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Todays a good day. I won 8 of 8 rapid
games. Won some blitz. Couple of the UG daily’s I have.

Tomorrow I’ll be hurt and crying in the shower.


I felt good about this game. I looked at 15. … Qxd4 and miscalculated that white had a material winning tactical shot. Doh.

  1. … Ne4 Our bishops are equally bad. Whites queen and knight are on the wrong side of the board. My knight controls a square next to the white king and my queen hits it too. Qxb7 is looking pretty dumb.

I didn’t play like your engine would. I simplified the endgame materially and then went for mate.

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Good game. Would love to analyze it. Edit: I did analyze it. I actually saw the correct move when you first blundered. Easy to overlook, though. Good game.

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@PepperUK fancy a game?

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I have elo to give away. Send me a daily and if you have some time to spare let me know in here or the discord and we can play a live game.

PepperChess if we are not friends on

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Very simple.

Good game @PepperUK. You played well!


Gg mate. Smashed me.


When he makes sure not to blunder he plays strong forcing moves and is tough to crack.


Yeah it was a very even game until one blunder shifted it

I beat Zombaru. Anybody else?

Damn tough game there @PepperUK i was on the back foot all the way until the end there

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Just as I thought I had something going you go and mate me, missed my king was stuck.

Well played.

Have now worked out how to make the gifs lol