Getting better at chess

You went outside of Amans habits rules on move 6 when you jammed up the queen side development

Per the habits it would have been d5 before putting your bishop on d6 I think

There’s some other moves in there that we’re outside of the habit’s rules but that was the earliest one I saw.

Stick at it - he’s clear in the series that if you follow the habits you will make some ‘wrong’ moves but it’s about building fundamental knowledge before getting into openings theory (at about the 1200 level)

I went from 400 to 1100 so far strictly following the habits guidelines (even though drunk playing sent me back down to 900…)

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Ooofff. I feel ya. I lost several games in the beginning while I was ahead from not paying attention to getting attacked down the sides after castling. That and back rank checkmates lost me games that I thought I was doing well in then bammm I’d get checkmated. I don’t have much advice for you since I’m not that far ahead in the rankings myself.

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Over the past couple of days I lost 5 or 6 straight games to the Antonio bot. Just now won one against him with white. But again it did an obvious blunder of not taking a couple of pawns in the endgame and because of that lost. Despite winning 2 games against it (while it has 8 or 9 wins against me) I feel like I haven’t really beaten it because in the games I won I think I was in worse positions throughout until it did its programmed blunder.

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obviously u havent beat it. ur 2 and 9…

A win is a win. You did get a win. It’s OK that you aren’t satisfied and want to get a better win. But, congratulations. Antonio bot is no joke. I came somewhat close to playing a good game with him. :laughing:

So Aman says keep opponent in check at the end. I gave him no options, that’s why it was a stalemate, I think.

what software/website are you nerds using?

Yes, it was Stalemate because he had no legal moves and he was not in check.

@JiuJitsuHeyZeus,, but I heard lichess was good.

I have free accounts at both and I’ve been playing against humans and bots on, but use lichess for the puzzles since you can do unlimited puzzles there while only lets you do 2 or 3 puzzles a day for the free account. I also play bots on Lichess but the jump in difficulty from one bot to the next is more extreme since they only have 7 levels of bots. If you play at lichess it’ll start you off as a way higher ranked player than you are if you’re a newbie. Most of the comments on chess youtube channels say that players on lichess have overrated ranks, I think because they start out higher and only after losing a bunch of games do their ranks go down to what chesscom would rank them at. So as a beginner at Lichess and you play someone that’s 1000 it might be a guy who’s 600 on chesscom but is slipping down the Lichess ranking from the initial 1200 rating. But since everyone starts out with a higher rating you also win against similarly overrated players so you don’t sink down too much since it would take a really bad player to sink from a pool of 1000-1200 overratees to 600. Don’t know how true those comments are for Lichess because I haven’t actually played others on there.

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This was a feel good win. My opponent didn’t give himself an escape route. I have been playing a few 5 minute games now that I have a general strategy.

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Lost to @EFM. Lost to sagiv.
I did win this with a brilliant checkmate!!

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doomsday, do you know how to keep score in chess? i noticed you made some very uneven trades of material. the score lets you know how big an advantage you may or may not have against your opponent.

pawns are worth 1pt
bishops and knights 3pts,
rooks 5pts
queen 9pts
king infinity points you can say.

knowing this helps you make decisions about what to sacrifice. you took one of my knights yesterday in exchange for a rook which you didn’t have to. that cost you 2 pts. having a 2 pt disadvantage isn’t a guarantee of a loss, but it will generally give you an idea of where you stand.

point advantages are listed next to the player that has one. +1, +4, +9, etc. if things are even, no number will be visible.

edit: it appears you know about the score, but maybe not what each piece is worth?

I wasn’t aware of the exact points per piece, but i am currently not considering it in play due to my approach to learning. Also I do know the order of value, though I thought bishops to be more valuable than knights. Anyway, I will be adding these tools to my kit soon, I think. Still focusing on fundamentals for sub 650 elo players. Even then i’m running in the low 400’s, but that could be because i’m playing rapid, not 5 minute games. My opponents have a lot of time to consider and seldom make silly mistakes like I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

ah. hard to implement that in bullet, blitz or fast rapid games.

you made a comment about the time limit i chose. try slowing down a bit. try a 30 minute game. or 15|10 which means you get 15 minutes per player per game but you also get an additional 10 seconds for each move. so even if you run down to just a few seconds at the end of the game, you still would have 10 seconds to make a move.

more time just helps you understand each move better. i know it’s hard to commit to a 30 minute game sometimes, but you’re not giving yourself much time to think and learn. 5 minute games are fun, but there’s a reason most people have different glickos for different games.

On lichess play 5+3 and 10+5. My 10+5 score
Is 350pts higher. It’s crazy how much worse I am when I have to think quickly. Has actually made me question my whole entire life. Maybe I’m just not a guy that makes good decisions quickly.

Believe me, i’m not arguing. You aren’t the only one to tell me to play longer games. This instructional series i’m focusing on is ignoring tactics right now. It’s not about making the best move at all. It’s strictly about building good habits. Here are some of the rules for now. They will change and improve as we go.

  1. No premoves
  2. No tactics (I use a couple, but i’m not supposed to.)
  3. No Gambits
  4. No sacrifices
  5. Know how all the pieces move
  6. Control and move toward the center
  7. Don’t hang free pieces + take free pieces
  8. Activate King in the endgame and attack pawns.
    There are more we are learning as we go.

Don’t worry, I’m making him play 3-day per-move correspondence games. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I played with him.

Any time there is a capture, we do it. We take all trades of equal or better value. We try not to take with pawn when you can take with something else. We push passed pawns all the way down the board. There are a bunch so far.