Getting better at chess

I tried a 5 minute blitz game. This guy used some aggressive tactics to put me down early, but I stuck with my strategy and ended up making him run out of time. My habits kept me alive even though I had little time to think. I just did what I’ve been practicing.

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LOL… dude.

I mean GM Aman has been talking about it constantly. We don’t have to make the best move. The tactics come later. We just make good habits, like not moving knights to the side of the board. When we lose pieces from tactics we can look back at the analysis and consider what would be a better choice for next time. I’m just doing what he says to do. Trying to play like he is in this series.

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I might even be in a position where I could put my opponent in check. I might even see that. But…that’s not in the rules. So for now I play the habit.

All good dude. I’m just busting balls. This is a good thread.

I was just laughing at you saying your habits kept you alive, but it looks like you got spanked so bad he timed out trying not to stalemate. Like there were so many pieces of his still on the board he couldn’t move.

BTW, are we able to look at the games you post? I’m confused as to how to do that. I just see a screenshot. But other guys are posting like they’re following your moves.

They might be friends with me on and they can check out my games there. Also, I often screenshot the analysis. I have a hard time making heads or tails of that without seeing the game, but some people can read it pretty well. I’ve seen a GM play blindfolded. It’s crazy.

It’s funny, early in the thread I said I couldn’t read an analysis and someone thought it was because it was small print and hard to read, but I really just felt like I was looking at binary code or something. It might as well have been French. I understand it better now.

I can’t read it at all. I have to count out the squares. By the third move I’ve forgotten the previous two moves.

… I just thought the links you posted were clickable in some way and not just screenshots.

Are you on You can add me if you like. IamDoomsday

I’m hoping someone tries the fried liver attack, we will see if I notice and play the correct move from habit. I haven’t done it yet, but instead of playing my knight, I will play my bishop first. That’s kind of how this process goes. It’s going to take me awhile to get better. But I will!

Nice. This guy resigned two games in a row. Too bad, if he took my knight here, I was ready to move my rook out of the way for an escape route in case he moved his bishop to attack H2. Why? Because I’ve seen that attack and I think that might work. I could also probably choose G2, but I don’t like breaking up my pawn structure. I think this habits series also helps you learn how to learn chess. :thinking:

I got mated here. I didn’t see it coming.

I will check out the analysis.

One of the interesting habits rules for the 5 min blitz games he pushes is ‘never resign’.

I’ve lost count of how many times now at this level (sub 1200) i’ve saved some rating points where I’ve been minced and end up stalemating because the other player has no ide what to do in the end gae or gets over eager with promoting pieces and stalemates, or simply throws away pretty dominant leads.

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I’ll add you doomsday and we can play some longer time frame games

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It seems like you were mated in 1 move, something that seemed completely avoidable.

If that’s the case, if you’re really serious about getting better at chess, you should really concentrate more on tactics and drop game playing a little bit. Do problems, get some pattern recognition, get used to defend direct threats.

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I’ve been doing the three puzzles a day, plus a few more. Also, I’ve been playing some advanced bots to help tighten up my defense. I lost to the Fabiano bot, but only made one blunder. I thought that was decent.

Doing puzzles every day is a great idea and you should concentrate on that 99% of your time on that now.

But you have to do a lot more than 3 a day. Get familiar with tactical motifs and practice those

I just have a free account. I am limited to three a day, plus the puzzle of the day. I will try to do some puzzle rush or puzzle battle.