Getting booze outof your system

I know drinking is obvioudly bad in many ways, i'm curious to hear of some methods to clear it out of your bloodstream the next day. My limbs feel warm after a night of drinking and all I currently do is throw the shower up on hot and sit in a closed bathroom to steam some of that shit out via sweat. What else can I do? I'm a weekend drinker (fri and sat nights) but can still still feel that shit runnin through me. Are there any other options on top of sauna, running, walking etc. that I can do to get the booze out of my system?


There's really not much you can do. The vast majority of alcohol is processed via metabolization, which relies on enzymes which are overloaded by the typical level of alcohol in one's blood after a good bit of drinking. So it just goes along at a steady rate until it's done- exercising won't necessarily help. A small amount is removed by urination, a smaller amount by respiration, and an even smaller amount, like less than 1%, by evaporation through your skin. So besides making the symptoms of a hangover a little better, the sauna probably isn't doing much for you.

Just give it time, it cleans itself out. In fact what's causing you to feel like shit is (among other things) acetaldehyde, which is the immediate product of alcohol metabolisation. Depending on your ethnicity, you may clear acetaldehyde slowly due to low production of the enzyme acetaldehyde hydrogenase. This is especially common in people of Asian descent.

Jonwell, if you can pu that in layma's terms int would be mch appreciated. I ama a cracka ass cracka, drink probably 15-18 beers on both friday and saturday nights (3 weekends a month). As you mention is it just a matter of time to let the booze dissolve from your bloodstream, there are no healthy ways to speed up the process?

THanks amgo

Ya, it's just a matter of time. If there's a way of speeding it up significantly, I can't find it. I mean, the sauna will speed the evaporation part up a bit, but if evaporation is only getting rid of .5% of the alcohol in your blood, even doubling it isn't going to make a perceptable difference.

I used to hang out with a guy who did research on the subject (basically got people drunk and did various experiments), and he said much the same thing.

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Your binge drinking is causing a spike of acetaldehyde in your blood, which is more toxic than ethanol and generally makes you feel like shit. It also makes beer taste like green apples, but that's a different story.

Since you're drinking so much, you're loading your blood with a level of alcohol and (consequently) acetaldehyde. Your blood has enzymes to get rid of these things, but only a certain amount. So, while normally the level of stuff in your blood drops at an exponential rate, like this-

when you drink too much, you clear it at the same rate that you create the necessary enzymes, so your level decreases linearly, like this:

(the labels aren't important, just note the shape of the two graphs).

Basically it just means you feel like shit longer when you have too much to drink.

wikipedia has a good article on hangovers, you can check that out too - Clicky

  1. Heavy hydration ....drink 500 mls to 1 liter H2O at bed time and another 500 mls. to 1 liter if you wake up during night. Dehydration is one of the effects of heavy drinking that contributes to the miserable feeling of the hangover.

  2. Niacin...your body depletes of this vitamin during heavy drinking...I take 100 mg at bedtime and another 100 in morning. Seems to reduce my symptoms, but in severe cases effects of niacin are unnoticable

the BMJ published a pretty extensive review of the subject that goes over all the evidence for various treatments, it's worth a read: