getting burned out!!

do any of you guys get burned out from bjj once in a while or have i developrd a lazy bone?

"Guys ask me, don't I get burned out? How can you get burned out doing something you love? I ask you, have you ever got tired of kissing a pretty girl?"

~Tommy Lasorda

see i have to travel for my job for sometimes a couple weeks at a time or even a month so when i leave i get out of doing it,if there isnt a bjj school in the area i am working i get screwed.

I get burned out all of the time

It just happens, it could be physiological signs of over training or a psychological motivation thing.

I am not going to lie, most days if I don't take 200mgs of caffeine several hrs. before class, I do not have the motivation to go.

When this happens I usually stop training for a week or two and then come back.

I work full-time, i'm in school full-time, and I have a wife and two kids. It takes a lot of scheduling and discipline to keep training up, and I end up getting burned out every few months.

I take 1-4 weeks off where I just do light training. Then I get all excited again and come back stronger than ever.

your issue is not so much about being burned out vs. being motivated and knowing what you want.

i often have to travel for weeks at a time or month and a half for work, and while i'm abroad, sometimes I have 20 hour days. Yes 20 ... not only do I have to work while abroad, i then have to follow up on teleconferences with N. America.

if you ask me, do i miss training? hell yeah. but even if there's no BJJ/judo clubs, at a minimum i try to run, lift (if there's a gym nearby or equipment at the hotel), or as a worst case, I do some bodyweight exercises in my hotel. I've even used my loaded suitcase before for arm curls.

Its too easy to come up with excuses not to do something. Use your imagination and don't give up!

Other things you can try include buy a book on BJJ or watch videos. Say you don't have a VCR or DVD along with you? well if you can get on the internet, there's a hell of alot free techniques and vids at OnTheMat or Michael Jen's site to name a few. watch those.

learning is not all about being in a class, having a partner, or mat time. of course you cant 100% repalce those, but you're better off using what available time you have doing something productive that will help your BJJ than nothing.

hope that helps.

JCJ is correct.

Watch MMA or grappling events. I always want to fight after watching one; they get me pumped up.

i didn't get burned out for years and now i have,,,took some time off and i am back...
i had a buddy who got burned out, quit training, got beat up and got his motivation back....Just mix up your training and your routine....

i do a lot of those things also jcj,,and i appreciate the input,ttt.