Getting crap night sleep but sneaking in a nap

I’ve done the whole nap during the day time thing and while its nice once in a while its certainly something you shouldn’t do long term. For one it fucks up your regular sleep. So when you sleep at night you do so poorly. Then you start heavily relying on day sleep. Sleeping during the day long term also has an affect on your mental health. Can cause depression or if you are already depressed make it worse. That was my experience at least and was told to discontinue.

Well yesterday was about 5pm to 6:45 and then from 10pm-3am. It was super necessary. Today I’ll probably push through and get ready for bed around 7:30.

This, I like the quiet time in the late hours as well. I sleep less since I got old. I am up until 12:30 - 1:00 AM and sleep until about 6:30 or 7:00 AM. One thing that really messes with your sleep is being on your phone or iPad late. I would find myself just going down the YouTube or FBWatch rabbit hole then could not get to sleep. Try avoiding that, it sounds simple … but it works.



I’m guilty of this and using the blue light filter on my phone seems to help some.

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