Getting Crown Tomorrow, How Much Pain?

I had a root canal recently. It took place in two stages, and my jaw hurt like hell for about three days after each.

I get the tooth crowned tomorrow. I've never had a crown. Is it going to hurt the same way?

I've had root canals and one crown, and getting another this Friday. If you are feeling pain during or that much afterwards, you should probably find a new dentist Phone Post 3.0

No pain. Just inconvenient and uncomfortable.

MMA Playwright - No pain. Just inconvenient and uncomfortable.

this. mouth open getting fucked with for an hour and a half straight. It is worse if it is in the back of your mouth. Get yourself a valium or xanax if possible, and just roll with it

The procedure itself was painless. But after whatever he put in my jaw wore off, it hurt like hell. More so after the first part than the second.

Send me all your vicodins Phone Post 3.0

If you had a proper root canal, it won't hurt at all.with the nerves removed, that tooth doesn't feel anything. They won't even have to numb you. Phone Post 3.0

Didn't bug me at all.