Getting dizzy while training...

I've been having a problem with dizziness after 30-40 minutes of rolling BJJ.

Factors I know of are as follows:

Some congestion from allergies.

Doc, put me on antibiotics to avoid bronchitis.

Blood pressure has been up somewhat and i'm trying a new BP med that takes a few weeks to kick in.

Workouts have been irratic due to stress and work issues, so I'm loosing cardio, and getting winded faster.

I just had a physical and bloodwork with no problems.

Should I suspect that the above accounts for the dizziness or wory about something else?

Most likely it's the congestion. When that clears up, if you are still having a problem, I'd go see a doctor. Generally dizziness would be from low blood pressure.

jluce: Good thinking but not the same, my son had that and I'm familiar with how exercise induced asthma acts.

Worth:that's what I'm thinking.

I appreciate the thoughtful answers.