Getting easier to get deal on SiriusXm!

My current plan ends next week.   My automatic renewal was supposed to be $30/mo, or $360/yr.  I've never paid that much since I started with them in 2007.  I've always called and talked to an agent and gone through the regular "I don't want to renew at those rates, please cancel my automatic renewal...blahblah..."  and after about 10 minutes of this they offer me a year of all access for $99. 

This year they've automated everything.  I called ready to go through the BS again and an automated operator offered me the annual renewal for $99.   Took all of about 2 minutes, no hassles, no fighting with the agent for the best deal, just the automated operator explaining the $99 + taxes and asking if I agree.  I said yes, automated operator confirmed, call over.  2 minutes!

Consider this my helpful Public Service Announcement for the day.  If anyone's Sirius is coming up for renewal and you don't want to renew at their regular (insane) rates, just call and see if you get the automated operator to offer you the full access which includes car, online, Sirius video, Howard Stern, sports, and personalized stations for $99/yr. 

BTW, on their website, this is the offer they have for new customers.

What does this have to do with your strange unbridled hatred for police and pitbulls?