Getting inside?

Lately I have been sparring taller guys and having problems entering for combos. Two of them just keep me off with power jabs and when I get inside they're backing out or firing back immediately. I'm stuck in jab range and my jab is shorter. I've been trying to work on my dip a bit, any other suggestions on getting in?


Cus D'Amato era Tyson.

I know what you mean. I got into boxing to deal with oversized Norwegian farm boys who had me by eight inches and 150 pounds. I don't know what their reach was, but I know it was a problem.

I'm a huge follower, therefore, of Jack the Giant Killer (Dempsey), but good copies of his fights are harder to come by, and the giants he faced weren't exactly Larry Holmes jabbers (neither were those Norwegian bale-tossers, though), so I'd look closely at Joe Frazier.

Joe was blind in one eye, short and stubby, and, according to Ali, was still EXTREMELY difficult to hit. Watch Joe against slicksters who didn't have Ali's speed and skill, and it becomes very obvious. 1969-71 Joe is best.

The lesson that Frazier shows, too, is not just one of perpetual bobbing and weaving, but being in fantastic condition. It takes more work to be a successful short fighter.

I'd take a look at Roberto Duran, too. His elusiveness on entry was not as obvious as Frazier's, but maybe that means it was better.

Gimme a few days (I'm busy) and I'll give you some more pointers.



ttt for FOS

Martinburke, yes I am dipping at the knees not at the waist.

Thanks for the tips everyone!!!!!!

Sorry it has taken a while for me to get back. Like everyone else has said, you have to jab, jab, jab.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the jab is a weapon that can only be utilized by a taller fighter on the outside. This is not true. The jab can be a weapon for a shorter fighter, but if you try to use it like a tall guy you will always lose.

First of all, your jab is not going to be connecting with your opponent's face. Get this fixed idea out of your mind and then you can think about other ways to use your jab.

For a shorter fighter, your jab is going to be used to DRAW YOUR OPPONENTS ATTENTION.

When you use your double jab, the first jab DOES NOT CONNECT. It draws your opponents attention from his own attack, and the second jab lands before he resets his defenses.

Jab the lead hand. This is a bread and butter move for short guys. Jab the lead hand while coming in. Watch the rear hand and be ready to bob under it. Either way, you are coming in. Be ready to move your feet, as your opponent may opt to back straight up if he can't use his lead hand (this is a good time to step on his foot!)

Jab to the body. You'll actually be able to make up for some of your own reach disadvantage by crouching and throwing the jab to the body. The taller man has to reach down to get to you, taking away some of his reach. Jab to the body to get inside (this will often bring his guard down) and then let your cross fly up to his head.

Bob, weave, move and slip your opponent's punches. Use your jab on the outside to see how he counters it. Then counter the counter and slip inside.

Once inside, keep your feet moving -experienced guys will run to get distance. Others will try to smother you. Just keep punching while they are trying to clinch. The most inexperienced guys will either lean back or stand straight up to get more room for their arms. This is what being inside is all about. Blast away while they hit you with weak arm punches since their feet aren't planted.

Good luck!