Getting Inside

The most common mistake made by fighters trying to work their way inside, is that they don't throw any punches to get there. Alot of fighters walk in, absorbing shot after shot, when they should be working their way in using a jab, etc. Try not to walk straight in, instead, try to come in at an angle. When you come in at an angle, instead of straight ahead, you eliminate alot of the risk of the hand that's opposite the side you come in on, hitting you. When you make your way inside, remember to drop down a little bit, and not stand up so tall. Bend your knees, and avoid bending over at the waist. Bending at the waist leaves you vulnerable to uppercuts. Because you've dropped down a level, your body becomes a smaller target, making it easier to avoid the body punches. Remember to keep your elbows in tight, because anyone that's ever boxed before knows that a good body punch, will take the conditioning out of you faster than anything. Pretty much any punch can be thrown to the body. Jabs, right hands, hooks, uppercuts. But remember that throwing a straight punch into your opponents body, makes it easier for them to counter over the top with punches. So again, it's imperative for you to drop down.

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Bro' can you do a post on Body punching, take a look at my other post for the things I'm looking for



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Nice post, Keith.

nice post

Lefthooker, that sounds like an awesome idea. I'll get on it right away.