Getting married Saturday

The bride and I have rented a beach house on an island, that sleeps 11. We're having friends (bridesmaids, groomsmen) staying in the house Thursday through Sunday, then have the house to ourselves for the next four days.

It worked out weird where we have an all-chick wedding party. I started out with three groomsmen and one best man, and she had three bridesmaids and a maid of honor. One of my groomsmen got deployed to the Middle East, and my best man had a death in the family. Two of my groomsmen were chicks, and they're the only ones left. So I'm having a female best man. The bride had similar issues, one bridesmaid got engaged (good news) and moved to Germany (bad news). Another is too sick to travel. So we went from eight to four, and the wedding party is now one brah (me) and five chicks.

Tiffany Starr will be there. She's flying in tomorrow, promises to make a new "Fuck the OG" vid.

This is one expensive week. Next vacation we take a cruise or something simple.

It can only get better from here on you'd hope.good luck and congrats. Phone Post 3.0

S bend7 - It can only get better from here on you'd hope.good luck and congrats. Phone Post 3.0


The fun part is our families. I don't have any family coming (they're all in Cali or Texas and can't travel), and her's is extremely religious. For instance, her grandmother doesn't like me because I have one tattoo, an Egyptian hieroglyphic that I share with my sister. It's a specific brother/sister sign. Her grandmother thinks it's a sin, and that Egyptians that believed that are most certainly not in heaven. I did not point out that this sign predates Jesus by around 2,000 years.

In any event, we had to be careful with bridesmaid and groomschick dresses because of the heavy tattoos a lot of them have. Even my wife has 11 carefully-placed tattoos, despite her family's protests. This may be the trampiest wedding party EVER. We've got two porn stars, two trannies, one famous fetish model, and one very good Jewish girl with only one tattoo :P So we plan on partying hard at night, and playing conservative at the rehearsal, wedding, and reception.


The wife wants to make a friends and family collage, and I dug up this photo from 2010. It's Warchild and Tiffany in Hollywood. Bluename please:

Just got married last friday myself! Enjoy the day! Phone Post