Getting Old, Body Falling Apart

This getting old thing really sucks. Growing up I have no allergies. Get older and now I have season allergies to everything. Tore a tendon in my elbow and it refuses to heal for 2 years then have to have surgery 3 weeks ago. Go to help my FIL yesterday with a broken spindle on one of his tractors and roll my ankle in a hole. Felt like a sprain and wake up this morning to shooting pains in the side. Get X-ray this morning and I now have a broken ankle. WTF. Anyone else falling apart after you hit 40?


That’s a string of bad luck if I’ve ever heard one. Take your time recovering.


bro, judging by your screen name, you’re health problems aren’t due to your age…


Happened to me around 47 yo.

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I am 44.

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Thanks man. I am stuck in a walking boot for 4 weeks. Could be much worse I guess.

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I’m 70 … the fun is just beginning.


Im 47 with a 20 yo and 22 yo son. They try to wrestle and play fight with me all the time. While I know I could hurt them with fists or outwrestle them with strength and size I am really afraid of hurting myself.

One time I playfully swung at my son and my rotator was in serious pain for 3 days and lingering pain for 8 months after.

Now instead of playfighting and joking around, I have to end it quick and put them down and hold them there otherwise they will not respect me anymore and I will definitely hurt myself. The cubs want to overthrow the lion. I can tell its already happening and they are getting more confident. lol

Oh and don’t ask me to jump off a fucking curb either, I am completely aware of the fragility of my ankles. lol


You should get a taser.


You old pieces if shit


Fuck my ankles!!!

Dusty cracky creaking aching fucking roll masters. Eat a dick

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Amen to that. I have sprained my right ankle about a dozen times in basketball and football. This time it broke. Interesting part is that on the X-ray report, it stated that I has ossification showing that I had a break earlier. I guess one of those times I thought I just sprained it, I actually broke it. I almost didn’t go to get it looked at this time but the wife was up my ass to go in.



Was it this board or another one where a guy talked about teaching his “cub” about sex by making the kid watch him fuck the kids mother?

It was a long long time ago and I can’t remember if it was on the OG or another site.


Welcome to the allergy club. I was outside as a kid/teen constantly, never had a single allergy issue.

Now, every weekend I’m outside working, I get allergies bad enough my eyes can start to swell. Don’t even know what it is from or care enough to check, but really annoying…

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Vision is shot.

-Parathyroid surgery 1x
Hernia surgery 3x

Denervation surgery due to nerve pain 1 major surgery and 8 minor exploratory surgeries.


High glucose, now considered controlled diabetic

Arthroscopic left wrist still hurts. 1x

Multiple broken teeth


All of this sucks.

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Omg yuck. That would make them gay I think.


50 next month
this sucks
rogans anti-aging doc david sinclair is makin me wanna try some new stuff


No not yet. Other than my receding hairline I feel exactly the same as I did when I was 20

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Same with me for allergies. Also can’t ride any spinny carnival rides like I used to with out feeling like I have to throw up.


62 here. My most recent disability is a trigger finger. Index finger is revolting against me. Have to wear a splint for 6 weeks.

The herniated disk in my neck I earned a few years back keeps popping up on my decrepitation radar too.