Getting Old, Body Falling Apart

I have a front pocket wallet that I love for that reason. I’ve never been able to get used to the brick feeling in my back pocket. I don’t carry a dozen cards or a stack of cash though so your mileage may vary.

I’m 48, and have never broken a bone. I think I might be a superhero… just saying.

Same here. I bought one of those little minimalist wallets, I can get by with a total of 5 cards. i rarely use cash for anything these days. Most other stuff is on my phone. More secure from loss / pickpockets as well.

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I had to become a front pocket wallet man after sciatica. Carrying in my hip pocket was aggravating it. I also got relief from stretching the psoas muscle. Sun salutation helps, or a hurdler type of stretch.


im 44 with 27 years of JJJ, BJJ and Judo. Im in pain in some fashion 100% of the time. Yes it sucks. But Im still in good enough shape and can keep up with the young guys (for a while LOL). But having nagging injuries is the worst. Hands, feet, back, Ive had a sore right side rib cage for a month and have no idea what happened. All of it adds up. Gets to me mentally too so I really have to mind what my mental state is daily or I can be a real prick.

I bulged a couple discs going for a double on a very large man. Next day came the sciatica. I stood up out of bed and fell to the ground. Felt like a knife in my buttcheek. I didnt walk for almost a week. Took a long time to recover from that. Thank god for a couple of PT guys that work close to me. Still have a tingle in my left calf and my left big toe is still numb. This was 2015. Good times!

JJJ and central Illinois. Did you ever do Dan Zan Ryu with Doug Musser at the Univ of Ill?

Look up “sciatica nerve flossing”.
It’s helped me, but be careful if the sciatica is severe.

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Nope. Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu with Larry Hilton in Peoria. Until a bunch of his black belts left him (he’s a bit nutty) and the formed something else. I trained with them for 3 or 4 years. When the black belt I was training with left for Cali I stopped going with them. Luckily about that time a guy brought BJJ to the city.

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Pm me i got a source

I’m stiff as fuck but I’m still rolling at 51. Everyone tells me to stretch more but at this point I’m like why? I’m happy with my performance and am more durable that guys 10 years younger.


Google the McKenzie Method. Get a PT that can really put you back in line. I have 2 disc herniations, 4 epidurals, painkillers, my fourth bout of PT. She used above method. She was an angel. Healed me right up. Im 39, had sciatica since 19. Its a rarity it bothers me now. When it does i stretch for 20-30 mins using McKenzie Method.

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Stretching the pirifimis muscles help as well.

Ankles both rolled dozens of times
Torn ACL
Arthritis hip.
Stomach hernia
Torn thumb tendon
Small bicep tear.
Unknown number of concussions
Fucked up rotator cuff.
Lots of stitches

And im still burning myself out lifting and running.

By a lot of peoples standards i look good but fuck me does it take feeling like shit to maintain

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Duly noted. The way I stretch my psoas is the way this video says to stretch the piriformis.
Video: Buttocks Stretch for the Piriformis Muscle (

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I guess I’ve been stretching them both.

I found a physical therapy place that had a machine from Hill DT.

There are some others but this one worked for me. Sessions are about 75 bucks (you can negotiate) and first time was fixed in about 10 sessions or less, second time about 5.

I went every day i could to maximise the effects. Bulging discs, cured.

A very famous and well known old school BJJ legend recently did it for his back and BOOM, fixed.

He only went twice a week so it took a while longer. But he couldnt sleep and walking was painful, but hes fixed now. Rolling again.

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