Getting Old, Body Falling Apart

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I used to roll my ankles all the time while skateboarding & extreme hiking/mountain climbing. then on the way back down on hiking trip to the top of Mt. St. Helens I roll my ankle so bad I cant even see straight. it was horrendous. popping and snapping sounds of tendons and muscles being annihilated. my wife and I made a rudimentary walking boot out of branches and gear. I hiked the final 12km over two days back to our car, drove back to canada and went to the hospital. my ankle was fucked, I couldnt even walk on it for 8 months, took me a good year and a half to even walk properly, and double that to get back feeling good on my feet while hiking / climbing again. that was 9 years ago and my ankle is still problematic to this day.

ice bath your hands bro.

it works wonders.

obviously your condition wont be solved by ice bathing but it definitely helps with the pain and inflammation etc. I swear by it.



Can you share the great advice for combating aging that was given on Rogan?

Basically, HGH and Test.

I spend a great deal of time isolated in the woods by myself. Getting injured and wasting away is a real consideration.

Is getting one of those emergency GPS beacons an option for your circumstances?

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Certainly no more wear then any other citizen.

Gotta disagree.


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Gotcha. No worries.

Ok good stuff.

This fucking boot I am stuck in has totally jacked my back up. I can barely move around. Fucking sucks.