Getting out of a Slump

Ive been doing jiu-jitsu for 6 months, and I was doing real well, and learning alot of technique. but the last two weeks, ive been in a terrible slump, my game fells really loose, and im having trouble with really basic stuff. The guys ive been tapping easy, are owning me, and the blues and purples have even started to notice my game is going down the toilet.

I think part of it, is im starting to get an ego now, I got first place in my first two tourneys, and I got 2 stripes, so now I feel like I have to prove that my game is better. even though 2 stripes aint shit. I defenitly need to adjust my attitude, but I dont think thats the only reason my game is doing bad...

Does anyone have advice? I really need it.

Just keep training-slumps are common and are usually followed by a big step forward.

It might be that the guys you are training with are just getting better, or have adapted to your game. If you were tapping them easily in the past, then they have probably learnt from that experience and developed a defence to it.

its a divine signal to fork out some cash on the latest DVD instructionals...

I think the ego and need to prove yourself are the problem.

Let go of this "who taps who" value system and just TRAIN. Every day when you get on the mats, it's not about winning, it's about IMPROVING.

My personal "fundamental 3" for BJJ:

  1. Smile

  2. Relax

  3. Don't stop moving, in particular your hips.

My personal "fundamental 3" for dating:
1. Smile

  1. Relax

  2. Don't stop moving, in particular your hips.

Give up the Gi man its holding you back. ;)

I second the fact that your training partners have learned your game. I used to twister everybody when I first started doing it, now people know how to avoid the most common setup. That's why you have to come up with new methods to get to your best moves. Keep inventing, watch some videos or more advanced guys roll for ideas.

Hey, that dating thing is pretty cool :)

Im going to leave my ego at the door tommarow, and just try to get better. when I first started I didnt care about being tapped, or looking stupid, and I became a monster real fast. Im going to try to go back to doing that.

read what twinkletoesCT wrote again, and apply what he says.

good thread

TT said it correctly....trouble is, it's hard to do!!

I think it has become a cliche saying in BJJ, lose the ego, just train..etc, and for sure truer words haven't been said.
But saying and doing IS 2 different things. Do you guys think dropping the ego has to be practiced as much as techniques?
Maybe it's just personality types? I know for me personally, I made myself go through a phase where i made myself get subbed by everyone regardless of skill level just so i could get over that chitty feeling of getting subbed. Now when i get subbed, i tell my partner you got that, he releases and we keep going from there, it's no big deal, but it's still something i have to work on, and at times i still get a shitty feeling although it's nowhere near as intense as it was at first.

It is difficult to do, because at the end of the day, we all want to get better in a game that involves overcoming your opponent. From my experience, it is normally the people that get euphoric when they've submitted someone that will get depressed when they are having a bad roll.

From my experience, I have seen a person start talking (borderline bragging) about who they've tapped and ask you questions on who you have tapped that night. You can see that he is comparing himself to others. I have also seen the same person on a downer because he was getting owned, and had a look on his face like he'd lost a loved one or something.

What I am trying to say is that things go both ways. If tapping someone out gives you such a buzz, then be prepared to go on a downer when things don't go your way.

With that in mind, I think you should not get too obsessed with the submission. If submitting someone is not a big deal, then getting submitted yourself doesn't become an issue either.

raleigh makes a good point of taking a short break.

Take a couple of weeks off, then watch an instructional or a decent Pride, BJJ or no-gi event and youll be dying to get back on the mat.

This happened to me. I took about a month off and didn't really miss it. Then a friend was over and mentioned he wanted to watch some UFC after about 10 mins i was really into the idea of training again.

You know what a 'slumpbuster' is in baseball?

today was the best day of jiu-jitsu I have ever had. I went in there with a new attitude, and focused on the techniques.

Then when I rolled with people, I didnt try to win, or beat them using aggresivness, Insead I focused on what they were doing wrong, finding cracks in there defence, and using the proper techniques to capitalize on it. It was the first time Ive ever rolled and used my brain.

After that I rolled with the purples and the browns, and got owned for about 15 minutes straight, but I didnt care aftardwards, cuase I was to busy figuring out how to get better.

So it was defenitly my ego that was getting in the way, It was preventing me from doing alot. I plan on rolling with the higher level guys for about 2 weeks, just to keep my ego in check.

My technique fealt up to par, and better then before the slump. If I had had a bad day today, I was planning on taking a break.

"Winning is not the goal, the goal is to achieve the performance required to win. Winning is the outcome.

Many dream of winning, very few dream of performance, very few win." - Anthony Perosh


This is a good thread. My instructor recently pointed out that I was doing the same thing. Everytime I get a stripe, I try to show that I'm at some new level. As a really competitive person, I have to constantly remind myself to relax and focus.