Getting Patches Made?

I'm looking to get some screen printer or sublimated patches done. I have used nhbgear in the past but it seems that they are down. Any suggestions? I'm just looking to do a small run.

It's also just one color on white fabric.

Email Sam at and he can still do it for you. Phone Post 3.0

On the mat does dye sublimation and can run a small batch, check with them also. You can't go wrong with a guy like Mr. Nelson and his crew over there. Phone Post 3.0

I have seen some of the ones that OTM has done and they are absolutely awesome.

Is the patch material that OTM strong?

The patch material on the OTMs last FOREVER and look awesome!  Very little to ZERO fading.


Combat Corner can do a small run of patches for a economical price with a quick turn around Phone Post 3.0

Going through the process for the patches from otm/built to fight and the samples I got looked amazing. The backing material is similar to the thick cotton material like the rest of the patches. I thought it's be some stretch poly something or other material but was happy to see it was the traditional thick cotton ones. Phone Post 3.0

Has anyone done the heat transfer patches from wantvsneed? Can anyone speak for the quality/pricing? Phone Post 3.0

Matt.....most local printing/graphics shops can do limited runs economically, and you get the hands on service of being able to look at fabric, etc.