Getting rid of ringworm on hand

I posted this on the UG, but of course, am getting some shit responses. Maybe you all can help...

So I've had ringworm on the inside of the bottom half of my middle finger for more than 2 months despite treating it with antifungal foot spray (first month, I was cheap) and then some off-brand jock itch cream the CVS pharmacist recommended. Anybody know of anything else I should try that will get rid of it? It's driving me nuts and not only do I want it to heal but I don't want it to spread.

See your doctor.  They will prescribe something for you.

you could always go with the goold old bleach/steel wool remedy

Haha forgot to mention that I already tried steel wool, bleach, jerking off, leaches and pee

in case you though i was trolling you or something, i wasn't. i've used steel wool and bleach a few times to get rid of ringworm and mollescum.

Lamisil and time (like a week or two) worked pretty well for me, when I had ringworm.

I've heard bleach kills it fast, as well, but I'd imagine that would mess you up somehow at the same time.

Good luck getting rid of it, it's a pain hving to stay of the mats...

Stay away from bleach. I put it directly on my skin and I have chemical burn scar in the shape of the ring worm. I would go to the store by lamisil or chlormitizole 1%. Use it as recommended for several weeks.

 I got the same shit from a boxing glove. I tried a bunch of stuff too and it did not work.

What finally worked for me was putting lotrimin ultra cream and tinactin cream on it at the same time 2 or 3 times a day for a few weeks.