getting started


I've been unmotivated for months now.. I go in little splurges and think I'm going to be getting back to it..and then it stops.

I'm sick of my own excuses so I'm pulling on everything I can think of to get myself out of my rut..

so I come to you guys because you've all be a HUGE help in the past..

I need you again.. even if its just to say.. "hey.. did you work out today?"

or whatever.. I just need to do it..but knowing people are out there to be encouraging will help me too.

WTF are you doing on the Internet you slacker, get to the f%!king gym!!!!!!

You lazy f%!king pussy... get your sorry, slack, pathetic ass to the gym and start training... NOW!!!

C'mon, go, what are you waiting for, Christmas????

Get! Go! Now!!!

a months?

damn...i'm going on 2 years of doing absolutely nothing but playing racquetball a couple of times a week for a couple of months at the beginning of the year.

I still do bjj 2x a week..but its not enough by a long shot.. especially since I managed to put weight back on even while doing that.. not much..(about 10lbs in the last year) but its enough that it bothers me.. :(

k.. just finished my workout.. ugh.. I feel like I'm going to be sick.. :(

definitely!!! I have a couple of people I'm being accountable to..but for me.. the more the merrier.. I need it and if I can help someone else at the same time..thats even better!!

e-mail me at with your name in the subject heading.. so I know who you are. :)


If you are feeling unmotivated tell yourself you are going into the gym to do one set of your favorite exercise, I mean really convince yourself your workout will be easy.

Once the blood starts pumping you'll know what to do.