Getting Stuff Signed?

I got a cool ufc poster of Ortiz-Liddell 2 and Id really like to get it signed by both of them but dont know how to go about getting this done. Any suggestions?

Stalk them.

I go to most of the weigh ins, and most of the time before they start, there are about 5 fighters out signing autographs and taking pics for about 2 hours. It's always the top fighters too that are not fighting on the card. Get there early because the lines stretch for miles.. If you want to buy anything signed by Chuck or whoever just let me know..

Seriously, go to a UFC weigh in. All the fighters are there. U won't find a whole group of fighters together at one time than a UFC weigh in. After the weigh in, everyone hangs out in the lobby and chills and take pics. I guarantee u, u won't be dissappointed!

You got to catch em chillin' at weigh ins. If you catch em when thy are not fighting, at that event, they will be much more willing to sign. Hell they might be flattered and auctually give your stalker ass some conversation!! JK holmes!

TTT for stalking dudes that can kick your ass!!!



LV- if you have a poster of iceman/tito 2 that is signed... i would be interested in buying that...

If you could grow a fine pair of boobs on the poster, you'd get it signed easy.

Weigh ins in the correct answer. Most fighters are awesome about having their pics taken and signing stuff. A really good bunch of people generally.

Tito will be at CFFC-III the 19th in AC. Signing stuff at the w-in's the day prior I believe.