Getting to Know...Sean O'Haire

Hey guys,

Check it out. I'd love to know what you think. I've recently heard some people knock the fact that we ask the fighters personality type questions. I'm not going to change that. That's what makes our interviews unique and recognizable. Plus, there are many people that enjoy getting to learn a little more then what they think of their next opponent.

But I'm open to any suggestions to add/delete certain questions or anything else you have to say.

Thanks in advance.


Great interview. I like the personal questions and the like, adds
another dimension to the fighters and keeps all of the interviews we do
from looking exactly the same!

thnx Gumby,

you say "we" and I see that you have a red name. what's your website? I'd like to check it out if you don't mind.

Good interview. By asking peronality quesitons we get to know different dimension of the athlete. way to keep it real.

Grappla said it, plus nobody else really does that sorta thing-
-you're unique

He seems real cool. I hope he does real well in mma.