Getting violated today

Yeah had to deal with exit paperwork.

They fucking shot a syringe full of topical anesthetic up my pee hole. Then they put in a scope. I bitched out and didn’t watch them insert it.

It didnt hurt, but I could feel it sliding up my wiener, past all the internal plumbing and into my bladder. Felt like I had to piss the entire time.

Then he proceeded to twist it this way and that so they could see all the sites and take pictures.

The twisting really sucked. It was like some sort weird almost pain. A very sharp feeling. Just very uncomfortable. 1/10. Would not do again.

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I got a catheter removed after a surgery. I cussed that poor nurse for what seemed like the two hours it took her to slowly pull that barbed torture device out.

Had to have that done two years ago for a surgery. The male nurse that put it in looked like he really knew his way around a cock so I wasn’t too scared. I was out when he out it in, so don’t remember that part, but he handled my OG hog well afterwards and I had no discomfort. I should have asked him for his number.


sn checks out


Looks like it might have been the glue. Yours is very similar to mine. Same width and probably about the same length. Mine starts a little lower than my clavicle and ends at my solar plexus. I just thought yours would be a bit more of a mess, considering. That’s great though. Yeah it will shrink even more. Mine after 9 years look likes someone took a straight razor to my chest. So you can barely see it.

Goddamn urodynamics.

They lure you in with a friendly enough sounding test. I figured I’d come in, pee through a hoop and be done.

But no.

She shoved in a catheter up my wiener and a sensor up my ass. Then she filled my bladder to bursting and made me pee it out in front of her.

Very unpleasant and undignified.

The lady was nice though.

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Jesus Christ that sounds horrible. I will repeat that I’m going to die one day soon because there is no way I would have went to the doctor and let them do that.

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Has anyone else said screen name checks out yet?!

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I dont even remember why I picked this name

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OK, since we’re sharing stories:

I was a medic in the army and worked as a paramedic on the side. As a medic, and when I wasn’t in the field, we’d do rotations in the hospital. One time I was told to remove a catheter from a grouchy old first Sargeant. I was probably 19 and nervous as shit. The nurse asked if I knew how to do it and in theory I did. We had the training but no practical experience. The 1st Sgt also asked if I “knew what the hell I was doing?” So now I’m more nervous.

Anyway, she walks out to do something and I figure I’d start. So I grab the catheter and block his ding a ling (it’s a medical term; most of you wouldn’t understand) and start pulling. He comes straight out of the chair making a loud grunt. Ever the professional, at 19, I let him know that sometimes they can stick a little. So I give it another tug, with a little more umph. He turns white and about shits the chair and starts sharing his feelings about me, with me.

The nurse returns and sees what’s going on. She looks at me and asks, out loud (the bitch), if I’ve deflated the retention balloon? Which is a small balloon that you inflate in order to hold the catheter in the bladder. Suffice it to say that the gentleman receiving my tender care DID NOT call me a hero - in the vein of all our current Healthcare professionals. I really believe he wanted to fight me.

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Oof. U got numbed up at least. My nurse didn’t even bother/forgot to lube the catheter. Did they give you a diagnosis or fix it?

subbed for results

I found this visual that shows the exact procedure.

Hope your weenie is ok.

Star Trek Space GIF

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They want to drill.

Im going to hold off. I have a new baby due on the 21st and the flomax is keeping things flowing. I have every side effect the drug offers though so its not a long term solution.

The drilling will also cause “retrograde ejaculation” so I really don’t want that as well.

Will likely go hardcore paleo for awhile. I did that a few years back and that seemed to help. I just got major leg cramps every day.

Drill?!! What!!! Ughhhhh they drill your pee pee?!?!?

They drill some thing that’s supposedly behind the prostate. I’ll have to read his notes, since I was a little too horrified to pay attention when he was speaking to me.

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Jesus fucking Christ. I’d insist on being put completely out…induce a week long coma. Something. Oof.


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