Tried two different email but can’t get a verification code.

lol hope you guys used unique passwords

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Basically destined to fail…

Twitter took 10 years to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into infrastructure to barely, finally turn a profit.

A social media platform… ran by a bunch of grifters… who were somehow dumb enough to name it “GETTR”?

Come on…

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Also… Trump is keeping his distance from this shithole so far, right? He has no account there. Miller said he’d like him to join and has an account reserved for him, but no commitment.

Aside from this being a product of the whacko-Chinese-propagandist-billionaire-in-exile — whose yacht was the launchpad for Bannon’s Border Wall Donation grift…

This doesn’t yet have much connection to Trump, other than the obvious marketing to his cult of rubes.

So, you’re saying GETTR’s done?


Its looking like gab is the probably the legit right wing twitter alternative. You have to hand it to the gab folks, they are probably more technically competent than these pretenders.

Was GRFTR not available?

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It’s going off!!!


I don’t trust it. They are probably going to keep getting hacked with users getting doxed and possibly branded as extremists in the near future.


Still nothing. Tried two different emails, checks spam box etc., still haven’t seen shit. Anyone able to get a verification email to sign up?

Is this any different than parlor or gab? All these new platforms have been trash lately.

Gab has been stable from what i hear

Would try it if I was looking to get into more social media platforms but damn I already have too much, need to scale back if anything

Gab is just an echo chamber of the same talking heads saying the same shit.

If they could troll liberals into posting there it would take off.