Gf and friend problem (no pics)

FRAT warning:

My gf is a solid 9. Great personality and very friendly to everyone. I recently, about 9 months ago, reconnected with an friend/acquaintance who I befriended back in school. He is a beta. Always getting his ass kicked by the freshman so I took him under my wing.

Anyway, we reconnected when I spotted him in the mall. He works at JC Penny's in the women's fashion dept. I introduced my gf and they hit it off as everyone does since she is so friendly.

We decided to invite him out to parties and dinners with friends. But he started to be trying to be my gf's bestie. Always sitting next to her. Talking about fashion, Taylor Swift and the Kardashians. He won't leave my gf alone. He even gave her a stuffed teddy bear holding a heart! She promptly threw it in the trash.

Just the other day my gf told me he is freaking creeping her out. Won't stop rubbing up against her, speaking about things she has no interest in, always has to be right by her side. She is asking me to tell him the F off. I'm going to have to and then alert the police to put him on suicide watch....

Help OG. Need advice. How do I let this poor sap down easy???? Phone Post 3.0

7.5/10, not bad

Wait... Wasn't that a spin? So this is a spin of a spin? Or was that other one not a spin? Phone Post 3.0

Too many spins.

We're doing spinning shit now huh? Phone Post 3.0