GF was thinking Kendo

I advised against it, for my own safety of course.  She was also thinking Kyudo.  I encourage cooking instead but then kitchen cutlery is also an issue.  


she has a terrible temper and we have some real rough-and-tumbles and the idea of her with a sword does  not inspire me.  


it has even been the case on more than one occasion when I'm on the OG while she is toiling in the kitchen where after some dispute she turned around with her angry face and kitchen knife in hand shouting at me about some nonense!  



I just told her that Weight-Lifting is the best exercise for her giving some smart and creative explanation which she of course accepted as reasonable due to my intelligent knowledge of such matters

Tesch her how to use a handgun

of course, like the cooking enterprise, I also benefit from her weightlifting activity as it influences the natural matronly structure which is most attractive to the traditional gentleman of regular habit :)


well, it appears to be a pleasant evening out, perhaps I will enjoy a leisurely stroll and some people watching before the food and drink :)

Bought at the low point of the real estate market AKA the best time to invest.

Tried to get the peasant class of the OG to listen and to do the same but they did not recognize the wisdom of the advice.

No Larpers allowed or the husky fats with their cargo shorts and that tactical sport wear. No sirree you posers would not be allowed into the gated community which surrounds the paid for real estate.