GFC Announcers

We are proud to announce that Cesar Gracie and Nick Diaz will be doing the play by play for the GFC.

Only 7 days Left!!!

Thanks Evil Master!

Wes lost to Chris Guillian last night at Art of War 2 in Austin TX.

Cesar:  Frank caught me with a lucky punch

Nick:  you ain't no bitch!

Dude, just Imagine what these guys might say about others, it's really kind of scary that we hired them!



Fire Up!!!!!!

is this gunna be on cable?

Will be on cable on InDemand replayed a week or so later. Live the 198th on Dish Network, and you can get the webstream from Live on the 19th, or go and buy a ticket and see it live.

I understand there will be some other BIG names there too! Lots of tix sold.


is diaz going to be wearing a suit?

Go to the website or ticketmaster. You can sign up for the GFC fanclub and get discounts on the tix!


Had a great reponse so far on the GFC fan club ticket program. Check it out.