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New series has been posted. Though it seems it's only 5 issues and then some crossovers, it is meant to be read in the order that they are posted. Technically, you could skip the four "Sentry & ...." issues, as they just flesh out those heroes and don't add too much to the story. Still, they're pretty good, IMO, esp. the ones for Hulk and X-Men.


Is this the same Sentry as the one in the New Avengers?

Don't know - but I doubt it, given what happens in the storyline.

Is the guy in New Avengers kinda old and with power supposedly on the level of the Silver Surfer, if not higher? If so, then that's him.

Yes its the same Sentry that's in the New Avengers.

Knowing what little I know about the character, I'm wondering how they incoporate him withing the Avengers.

I don't like the Sentry so far, basically just
Superman for the Avengers. He's the replacement for
Thor, but nowhere near as cool

Hmmm....that's interesting, matt murdock - I haven't read any of the New Avengers, but having read the Sentry series, that's surprising. In the series posted, he's a drunk, he's delusional if not psychotic, and he's grossly ordinary, at least in his civilian identity.

His hero identity, as far as I can tell, mixes the raw power of Superman, the brains of Reed Richards, and the leadership skills of Captain America. That's WAY overpowered, unless he's treated like the way he is in the series I posted. And don't even get me started on his ongoing conflict with the villain known as The Void.....

(notice I didn't spoil anything - if you have read Sentry, please don't spoil its ending for first-time readers!)

I will say this much - Sentry's friendship with Reed Richards (in the Sentry series) was one of the most interesting things I've read in a while. It was a side of Reed people rarely write about, and it really humanized him. Also, Sentry's friendship with the Hulk was actually touching, it reminded you how much the Hulk suffers and how misunderstood he is. And maybe it was just me, but I've never seen the Hulk portrayed so successfully as a "child." Sentry made him seem like a big clumsy kid who just wanted someone to be nice to him, for once.

The Sentry in the new Avengers is the same Sentry from the Jenkins Sentry series. Bendis has said that he is going to change everything that we know about the character.

I mean he's like Superman as far as powers go. He's
a nut ball for sure, so his personality can be
interesting. I'm just not intrested is seeing a
guy with the same powers as every other Superman
type, even having a big S on his chest, flying around.
Also, Wolverine has no place on the Avengers and Im
sick of seeing him dominate half the comics in the
Marvel U.

I also am a little sick of seeing Wolverine in every comic Marvel produces. It messes with continuity also. Wolverine must have 150 hours in each of his days to be in all the places he is in at once.

I forgot where the comics are located & how to login. I cann't wait to read the Sentry so any help would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

for username and password, enter geekground

LOL, Spiderman has no place in the Avengers, but he's been there several times. Still, Wolverine does stand out from the other X-Man and has alot more skill and experience than either Spiderman, Daredevil, or Beast ( all Avengers at some point) ....Wolverine certanly has the stones and the ability to be an Avenger, even if neither he nor Captain America thought he should be there.

I don't mean he's not qualified to be an Avenger, I
just would prefer for him not to be on the team. He's
already in five or so books.

Ted, does inbox limit the number of users? The last few times I have logged on I have had problems with it just hanging.

I can't get it to work for me.

What program do I need to download in order to use it?

Hmmm... I just tried it and it worked.

You don't need anything to access that site, but to open the comic files you need something called CDisplay - just search for it, it's easy to find.

How many Sentry comics have come out? I've read these 5 and i see the whole "Void" thing coming a mile away.

I like Sentry!!