GG NES POWERCLUB - Week 1 - The Guardian Legend

Okay, since CDO is kinda MIA right now, I'm going to start this this rolling.

Everyone who is in, lets play The Guardian Legend and post our experiences next Saturday the 10.

Also feel free to discuss strategies and ask for help here.

A few tips:
1) Linger on the adventure maps a few seconds when that area looks empty. There are mini bosses where they wall you in before you fight them. They usually have weapons, level ups or other permanent powerups

2) Most of the gates that lead you to the top-down-shooter parts require some sort of trick. The tricks are usually mentioned in messages that you receive from the side rooms in adventuring.

3) If you get too frustrated with the adventure parts, you can put the code 'TGL' into the password screen and get a game where it's all top down shooter. I will warn you, that the just top down shooter mode is very hard. If you play it the normal way, you get better gear which makes the game easier



ill work tomorrow or maybe later tonight on setting up my xbox controller on my macbook and see if i can get this going

have you beaten it yet? how long did it take you?

I don't expect people to beat it. (Use save states instead of passwords) but it should be about 12 hours long.


Which NES emu is everyone using now?

I like Nestopia.

Ah, the crab guy. Go back and search the map for minibosses, CDO.

Also against him I used the laser or the slow moving fireball powerup, if you have it.

But seriously, go search the minimap for mini bosses and beat them.

With your stats at that, you'll have a hard time beating him...

CDO: Yeah, I just read that.

If that's true, we're never getting through Faxanadu. It's a horrible grindfest.

I've beat TGL before without gamefaqs.

Ha, I know, I should have read the manual.

Okay people, what were your thoughts on the game

1) I owned this game previously, so I beat it once before.

2) The use of mappers (off console chips) really enhanced the gameplay in this game. Quite a few times, I couldn't believe how many sprites were on the screen at once. On the console however, this game used to experience very bad slow down, but on the emulator, it stayed rock solid, of course.

3) The difficulty really isn't so bad, compared to say Mega Man 3 or the like. Generally if there was a boss or miniboss I couldn't take, I could go do something else, come back with a power up and finish the boss.

4) The weapons weren't as great as I remember. Near the end I pretty much abused the shit out of the grenade at all times. Between that, the slow fireball, the guided 'balls' and the forward laser sword, I didn't use much else.

5) The music and graphics were great for a NES game. I also liked the RPG elements. Quite a few of the choices in the game branch you off into different builds, at least for a little while.

6) The adventure parts are almost straight up loot-fests. The bulk of the game really is the vertical shooter.

E...mulate? Fuck that. Blue namer, please? :)

What sort of hacking are you doing with the codes to get 2 bars of health and 9999 chips?

It's a special in game level, if you choose [Password Continue] and enter all J's as the code it pops you up there. Truly a death wish but fun as hell.

Have I contacted everyone about how to set up the emulators?