GH controller work w RockBand?

Again, buddies looking for a fix!!!

Is there a patch or fix out there that will allow the Guitar Hero III Guitar Controller for PS3 to work with the Rock Band game?

I guess it doesnt work right now, but a guy at a game store said there was a patch/fix that can be downloaded to adapt the controller.

Please help.

can this be put onto a flashdrive and transferred that way?

no patch for ps3

Then why do both the Guitar Hero guitars work with Rock Band on the Xbox 360?

Hmmmm, yeah, I read that the 360 works, but not the PS3.....oh well!!


why redeye ? why does the 360 GH controller work and not the PS3 ?



lol. yes XakumaX. your buggy 360 just owned the PS3 cause of this issue.

lol i own 20 games for my 360 , enjoy your 4 games.....

i own 20 games for my 360 too. but i find it works better as a coaster or bookend then for playing games.

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Where do you live Gord96 ?

hehe easy man. i just get fired up easily about the fact i cant use my GH3 guitar on Rock Band. I took it out on you. 1000 apologies. :)

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