Ghetto Denny's Employees Attack News Crew!

Its not an example of a more sophisticated places but Waffle House is a similar low cost breakfast place that is open all night and drunks and ghetto drunks tend to get in fights there at 2 AM and then they fights get posted to youtube/worldstar etc… sometimes it happens at Dennys but it seems like more Waffle House fights get posted.

They can both be fine places for cheap breakfast if in a decent area but they get rough if they are in a bad part of town.

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Call in an air strike!

Surprised I couldn’t hear a smoke alarm chirping in the background

From the twitter comments…Johnny Carson once said "No one goes to Denny’s, you end up at Denny’s.


Ignorant pieces of shit psh, unreal.

Look on the bright side. At least these young brothers and sisters have jobs and let’s face it…their ‘wildin out’ here was infinitely more tame than what we usually see.

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Damn you Marcus.

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Waffle house sells waffles and FRIED CHICKEN and Denny’s doesn’t. I just have you the pen and paper, you draw your own conclusions

I Should Go Reaction GIF by Bounce

Those pesky white supremacist news reporters! Ya’ll better leave Tyrone and Shinqedia alone about their health inspection.

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In for clip of regional manager interview/sidestep shuffle.

The wonderful thing about America is that nobody is compelled to go to a restaurant in a shithole neighborhood.

I live in a suburb, so I have to drive to go to a restaurant. I can drive 20 minutes to a crime ridden, shithole area, or i can drive 20 minutes to a nice area.

I choose to go to the nice area when I want to eat out.

Store was closed more than 2 years ago.

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i would be terrified to complain to them about the food or service

Denny’s does serve chicken and waffles, you just have to order a side of chicken fingers. I used to do that shit drunk as hell at 3am all the time.