Ghost Recon or Socom?

I'm not sure which game to get, recon or socom 1,2. Anybody who has played them here, could you give me some insight please?




Gakami, I think he's probably made a decision in these last 18 months.

well somebody gotta keep me up to date with these threads goddammit

socom II, its great can't beat it with a fat kids dead arm

GR 2 is one helluva game bros.

GR2 for ps2 is a poor game. Xbox version is excellent. Different developers, but same publisher, UBI.

socom 3 in a month

3 is gonna be nuts! haven't played 2 in about 4 months, been busy, but when 3 comes out, look out!

BULLSHIT!!! Socom 2 online cant be beat