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I'm currently doing gi grappling and have been using my old judo gi from the old days. I find it somewhat thick and heavy when I'm rolling and tends to slow me down (especially when it absorbs sweat). It's best days are over anyway but I was just using it to get started again. I plan to buy a new one in the near future but was holding off until I was consistently training before making the investment. I know that the judo gi is designed to withstand the abuse of throws. Since I'm mainly ground grappling, are there gis better suited for the job? Which ones are popular these days and why?

the thicker the better man!

Double Weave very thick and heavy and lasts a long time.

Gold weave very strong, light and is probably the best.

Single weave is the lightest and will rip easily.

I only wear blue GI's as it doesn't show the dirt as much and looks cleaner. Me and a friend are currently waiting for WAR GI's from which came with a second pair of pants for free.

Try and the brazilianfightwear site. I have ordered from both and both were great. I have also ordered from as well and it was fine too.

There are lots of deals out there. And dont be scared to use the sites. They offer 5 day free shipping to your front door. They also throw in free t-shirts for orders over $100.00 or other promotional deals.

I love my Keiko Raca and was the first in my club to wear one, and since then they have really caught on, in Canada, everyone has one now. WAR are good, Krugans are good, Atama's are good but the pants can be weak, Howard Comabt Kimono's are the toughest and have the best collar's makig it tough to be choked out. Though they have a seam down the middle of their back which can be uncomfortable when in your guard.

Go somewhere they have a variety of gis and try them
on. Whatever the other variables ther are, fit is
formost in your list of important characturistics to
look for. Different gis fit differently and should be
considered before other aspects.

Thanks for the tips fellas. And thanks for the detailed answer Wiley. It's good to hear the opinions of people who have been rolling for a long time and who have been through many gis while doing so. I might decide to go one size up in jacket as I found mobility a little restricting and tight in the upper arm and shoulder area with the size I'm wearing now. It makes sense about the blue gi suggestion, "No more ring around the collar"

I like thicker gis better myself. I have a Gameness gold-weave, a Showdown (single-weave; same as a War Kimono with different patches), a Rednose (single weave) and a Howard competition double. The Gameness is pretty good, but with a thick collar, but I find the gold-weave to be a little uncomfortable. The Showdown is nice and light and comfortable, but it seems like it is going to wear out before my other gis (it is the newest one I have). The Rednose fits somewhat oddly, but it was pretty cheap (around 50 bucks American; can't go wrong for that price). I like the Howard the best. It is heavy as hell and it is pretty much indestructable. The competition single is as strong as most double weaves, and a very good product. Check:

I have two Padilla & Sons, the double-weave is heavy
and thick and seems indestructable, but when it gets
wet it becomes super-heavy and obviously harder to
move freely in.

My Krugans single is light and durable, but it's
starting to wear after only six months or so.

CC - you say you have a judo gi that is thick and
heavy, what make is it as most i've worn in the past
have been relatively thin but durable.

Hey Wayne-O. The name brand is Jukado and it is made in Montreal. When I said it's thick, I should elaborate and say that the collar is fairly thick. I find it slows down my movement when it absorbs sweat but this might be due to the size and not the gi. It has sort of a wet towel effect. I might just get a bigger jacket size next time around and make sure it fits well like what Sled Dog said. BTW, this is the same gi I got from where both you and I made our humble beginning in grappling.

I used to use my old Jukado judo gi to roll but got a showdown that I currently use.

KashK has advised me to try a KF fighter gi as well.

Tiger Brands Rock

Jiu Jitsu GI's typically have a leaner cut. The wrists are tapered more than Judo GI's, the Pants are usually a tighter fit as well. Before you buy online Liborio1 has a Blue Keiki Raca A3 for sale. He wants the same as what the websites offer and you get it instantly with no hassles.

Me, Rick, Andy, Karen, Ian, and Dave all have a Keiko Raca and we like them.

The pants are great as they are really hard to grip, and they also have double padding on the knee area.


where are you from captain caveman?

if you are interested we have Dragao Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos from brazil. E-mail

Wow. I can see that there isn't any shortage on selection. I'll keep your offers/suggestions in mind. HB, I'm from T.O...Size wise, I guess I'm an A2 (with alterations). Too bad Brown's doesn't sell gis.

or it would be nice to be able to by the top & pants separate.

Danny what size gi do you wear in Dragao?

For KF's call Karma Martial Arts at 905 856 0347. I have had one for over 2 years and love it.


Hey Karmarep. I sent you an e-mail to get more info. I tried calling and got the answering machine.