Gi Color Question?

I need some clarification. Is there a "rule" that particular belts should only wear a certain color gi. For example a black gi, should only a brown belt or higher wear a black gi? Anything about blue gis? Let me know, thanks!

Depends on the school. Most schools don't care as long as you keep to the standart white/blue/black. Some don't care even if you go nuts to red/camo/pink whatever.

Ask your instructor.

anything other than a black gi (as a white belt / a general rule in most clubs), you will look like a complete tool. you can consider blue, but be ready to get shit over it. and completely stay away from plain white. you are just asking for trouble with a clean bleached white gi w/o any patches. white is just painfully plain.

these are more or less the rules, but ask your instructor just to be sure...peace, jt

You can never go wrong with a plain unbleached gi. I love my Howard single unbleached.

lol...this topic comes up weekly.

NEVER compete in a white gi after Labor Day.

No, there's no rule about what color to wear. That's one of the great things about BJJ. Wear a bright purple one if you want.

Just be ready to back up what you wear!!

You must train at a McDojo fake ass school if they tell you they have a rule about the color of the gi you must wear.  I trained with the Onzukas here in Hawaii and they never had any rule as far as I know.  I saw white belts with blue, black, white and I think red.

If someone wears red, I hope they are tearing up the mats.

lol just wear whatever