GI fitting... How are they suppose to fit?

What is the standard fitting for a gi? BJJ wise.. lose, tight, baggy, long, short? whats the standard?

Heres my deal,,
im 6 foot 170.. I have 2 gis.. One is an A4 HCK.. which i started with but its very baggy.. but the arms and legs are short (might be a judo gi for all i know) prob bc i macine dry them bc it makes them softer... I have an A2 lucky gi as well which is tighter but the pants are too short but the top is long compared to my old gi but its snug fitting... So I was thinking of buying A3 pants.. little insite on fitting would be appreciated..

ummm mthe bjj forum is where you want to post this....

I mix and match...I like my pants baggier than my tops.

There is a set of rules for how a gi is supposed to fit in terms of "competition legal".

I believe the sleeves cannot be more than 3 or 4 fingers away from your wrist, for example. 

how about in the arm pit area.. how lose should it be? i think im just use to having an overly baggy gi and not really sure how tight it should be.. You think for the most part im good for an A2 top and A3 pants?

The look I always strive for is 10 lbs of shit in a 5 pound bag. Thats street.


"You think for the most part im good for an A2 top and A3 pants?"

I mean, that sounds cool, but it depends on how you like your gi to fit. As long as it is within the rules, then go for it.

I like my pants baggy because I move better that way and plus I feel much more comfortable.

I don't like the top too loose because it gives my opponent almost too much stuff to grab on to. Lots of sleeve and lots of collar if it is too baggy.

A nice "fitting" top is sufficient, IMO.

thanks sultan.. i think your right.. i just didnt know they were suppose to be snug bc ive had a judo gi and never thought twice.. now i got a bjj gi and wasnt too sure.. but ya the pants need to be baggier and the gi top fits snug i would say like a normal blazer would.. I just wont dry it..

Howard Combat Kimono's are sick gi's...

You can use them in both Judo and BJJ. They are very thick but still very comfortable.

One of my good friends gave me one and I've been using it...Sick gi though.