Gi Giveaway...

I definitely KNOW what it is like to be "monetarily" challenged, ostensibly under pressure for everything, scarcely able to afford crap, especially when you have a family. Nonetheless, despite my trials and monetary pitfalls I've been "BLESSED" with an abundance of exceptional associates on this forum and life in general, including my incredibly vast family at Eduardo De Lima's, Gracie Barra; Raspado and Lee (Pan Ams 2006);including Eddie and Adem Redzovic from Chicago as well as Ed Clay from Gameness. I genuinely "ADMIRE" every one of these persons mentioned above among many others including Jake Shields for his charitable contributions...

Therefore, I'd like to make a donation myself, owing to the charitable donations shown me. It's not much but we always seem to have the guys as was my case that comes into the academy that has potential but lacks the money for the GI. For that reason I'd like to give away a used KF GI A-2 in excellent shape to someone in need. I will pay the shipping if you'll be patient for my next paycheck so that I can pay your shipping cost.

If you're interested please email me at I will give this GI to the person most in need. I wished I had more to offer but it's only 1 GI. I gave away a set of instructionals and have been assured by from "BIGMAC" that they will be back on the forum as a "charitable contribution" for those that lack sufficient instruction. Just imagine if we all did just 1 simple act of kindness, each of us would benefit so greatly.

"The desirable thing in earthling man is his loving-kindness," and a person manifesting this quality reaps rich rewards. (Proverbs 19:22)

The brotherhood on this forum is incredible, especially when compared to the UG.

Much respect to you my friend

Thanks Anthony...However, I only giving back something that was given me. You have my respect to my brotha!