Gi Pants: the right fit?

Up till now I've trained with hand-me-downs and borrowed gis from friends. None of them fit that well, but they worked. I just ordered my first GI (koral classic) and I was suprised at how freaking huge the pants are. The top fits well, and the length of the pants is fine, but I could gain another ten inches on my waist and still have room. The waist fits once I tighten the waist bands, but I was wondering if this a normal fit or if I want something a lot closer to my actual waist size.

its normal for them to be huge before tightening.

good thread

The question:

do you prefer a snugger diameter to your legs or larger on the pants 'width'?

I have thicker legs than most guys my size, but a normal waist, so I suppose I would rather have it looser in the legs than more snug in the waist. I've always trained with larger pants (generally A4s), but I guess I just assumed that a gi "my size" (A2) would have a more appropriate waist. I think it will be comfortable regardless, but I was suprised nonetheless.

I've had the guys at JJprogear send me A2 Koral tops with A3 pants once I realized I had the opposite problem.  They are usually good about that.

^^^lol. i just go to old navy and get capri pants. works great.

^Glad it works for you . . .

I am a pretty trim guy, but I like the big baggy pants (I do prefer a snug jacket, though).