gi patches?

i am going to enter a bjj tournament in about 3 weeks.

i have a judo gi with my judo school patch on it, but i don't own a juijitsu gi & i am planing on using my judo gi for this tournament. i would like to represent my bjj school in this tournament so i am planing on putting their gi patch on my judo gi.

now my question is where on the gi should i put the patch for judo tournaments? i know they have wierd rules when it comes to that. i would like to represent both my schools in judo & bjj tournaments

the gi patch is long & it's the type that they put on the lapel.

Nothing for me to say here

there are no lapel patches in judo. best bet is to find a spot on the gi in accordance to IJF rules where it would be okay.

i think i'll just by a juijitsu gi

good choice. =)