gi purchase?

where do you guys go to buy a gi? internet? local store? wait to go mainland?

I'm looking for a gi. don't like the internet because i like to try on the gi before i purchase it. even if i am ordering the same one i had before, the cut might be different. i know of only 3 local stores that carry jiujitsu gi's. on the mat, fighter's corner, and adrenalize concepts (when they open) are the only ones i know of. any ideas?

I say get ahold of Ronald. he posts as A.K. on this forum.

my $0.02

good suggestion from jnaks!

Fighters Corner has a dressing room.

i tried on some compression shorts and they let take a lap around the back parking lot.

i didnt buy it.

Junon made me LOL hard!


I only buy gis if my life depends upon it. Otherwise its no-gi. Damn the gi and all it represents (haha).

Actually, I think it depends one what brand you want because the stores over here only carry certain kinds. If you want those high roller, pimp daddy gis, then you have to order online and hope they have a good return policy.

Then you gotta worry about the wifey founding out that you spent 2 or 3 bills on a gi.

Ryan- Call Ron of AK. He has a lot of good gis. Vulkan, Koral, Red Nose Brasil, Keiko Raca, etc. His prices are good and comparable to online stores. Shoots!!!!

nice to hear. how you been alden? haven't seen you in a while. i'll try to get in contact with ron. any idea when the new shop is going to open?

Eh ryan!! Ive been good. Busy on the weekdays and trying to free up my schedule to get some training time back in. Gaining to much weight. Talked to ron at grapple fest and he said his store will be open in 2 weeks. I picked up a vulkan from him. Also tried the Red Nose Brasil gi and it felt awesome. HOpe to see you guys soon. Are you still teaching on Tues and Thurs???

just wondering how the prices are. not sure what type of gi i'm looking to get right now.

i'm there on tues and thurs for now. my schedule will change to tues and thurs soon for work. i wouldn't call what i do teaching. just helping for now. i take the thurs night class for now.

Ask Ronald for da Red Nose...............awesome gi!

hytbridstudent - Ask Ronald for da Red Nose...............awesome gi!

Yea...I saw you rocking the black Red Nose at practice on Saturday!

 feel free to contact me with any questoins about the brand of gis and the prices.

you can call 456-5511

When is AK opening, dammit.

Nalu, don't forget to mention where you work. There is a deal right now for certain professions.

 HPD and HFD gets a discount and of course HG members.

just picked up my new koral from Ronald. Thanks for the gi. worked very well tonight. if you need a gi, give hm a call. he came and met me by my house so i wouldn't have to go far. great service.

thanks a lot for the call ryan. And thanks alden, and craig for the referral.