Gi Sale

Good deals from KAGI jiujitsu gis right now. They're having a 10th anniversary sale. Check it out.

TTT for skulls!

What up brian? Still can't get ahold of you!


Product Review



TTT for those damn shirts!

I've wanted one of those shirts for years and they have never been in stock. :(

Does the blue sportarmor come with lettering on the pants?

The blue gis do have the lettering on the pants.

As I understand the jackets are in two pieces? Separate skirt judogi style?

Big turnoff for me:( otherwise everything looks cool.


The gis do have a separate skirt. But we have a one piece in development. Should be available by August/September.


I'm making more shirts just for you. Check the website in a couple of weeks.


ttt for Kagi



One of my students got a Kagi single, not sure which model but it is thick and the collar is FAT! Sharp gi and looks tough.

I'd get one, especially at the price.


This is the last week of our anniversary sale. After Saturday we are going back to our regular prices.

Thanks to all our customers for you support over the last ten years.

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