Gi Size issues


Looking at purchasing my first Gi, I'm looking at buying a fuji, and according to the size chart I'm a 3.5 but no store online I can find has any 3.5's only three or 4, I have two questions 

1) is it better to go a bit looser or a bit tighter when buying a gi?

2) or does anyone know where to buy a 3.5




Its all a matter of preference. i personally hate a gi that is too tight, but there are some who love a snug fit.

If anything, i would err on the side of too big. Most gis will shrink considerably when dried (even if they are supposed to be pre shrunk), so if the gi is too big, you can always run it through the drier and shrink it. If the gi is too tight, there isn't much you can do.

What is your height and weight? And where are you located. Depending on your size, i have several really nice gis that are very lightly used that i'd be willing to sell pretty cheap. I'll be glad to exchange info via PM.

I am in between sizes too. I always go for the smaller size. I like the feel of a more "fitted" Gi and reason that it gives less for your opponents to grip onto. Phone Post

I'm 5'8 1/2 and 160 lbs. I live in canada the only generally sized gi I can find to fit is an A2, but the site I found them on for the cheapest only did there sizing on the 000-000-00-0-1-2-3-4 but know 3.5 which I fit into lol

I see. You're a pretty normal size guy so i bet someone on here is the same height and weight that owns a Fuji and can tell you what to do from experience. Good luck.

Fuji gis shrink like a MFer. Most guys order a size bigger & dry them to shrink to size. I suggest the larger size.

check out fushida gi (canada) thgey have special sizing and will ask for measurements and pics to help size you if you're really off-sized like me.

thanks a lot guys, had my first free roll class last night, and this morning well, I feel like I got processed through a meat grinder lol I'm officially hooked, next is to get this gi sorted out

Fugi will shrink a full gi size if you dry in the dryer. I bought an A4 knowing it would shrink to an A3. I dry all my gis in the dryer anyway.

If your a "3.5" and getting a Fuji, get the 4 and DO NOT put it in the dryer. It will shrink up just a little air drying and be perfect. If you put it in the dryer it will shrink a full size(sometimes a little more)

I own 9 Fuji gi's. I have some experience with this.


BTW if anyone is interest or from Canada,

has free shipping for anything over 50 bucks

I grabbed the closest to my size which is still a bit bigger then me, and I'm just gonna hang dry it, but thanks for all the advice guys made it a lot easier