Gi sizes?

I'm about 5'7" and waver in the 150 -165 lb range. Should I get an A3 or A4?

Im exactly 5'7 and weigh in at 165 right now...I wear an A2 in an Atama gi and it fits perfect. I dont know about other brands though.

you're an a2. you'll swim in an a3/a4.

If it is an Atama go with an A2. My A3 is huge and I have done everything possible to shrink it.

each maker seems soo different, i was always an A2, but an oano i recently got is A1 and fits great, go figure

i'd say on most scales an A3 would be too big for you

A2 Curte?

"A2 Curte?"

...that is horrible, and I like Shakespeare!!! groan

Fever, Todd and Joy got there black belts today from Rod. And shit man I wear A3

I was wondering who would get my not-so-clever Shakespearian reference.

fever got his black belt??? Really??!!!

Hey, what brand are you getting? Makes all the diff.