GI Vote

I'm currently looking to buy a new Gi but nothing to pricey through the roof. I came across a the mkii Gi top by killer bee with the pants sold separately for 115$. However I also came across the breakpoint fc deluxe light weight Gi for only 127$ being that it's only about a 15 dollar price difference I'm pretty stuck. Both are nice but I've never owned another Gi other than my Renzo Gi so i have no idea. If u have other Gi ideas as well plz shoot away. Help me out guys which one should I Go with. Phone Post

I like the killer Bee one I just wish the pants came with the Gi top Phone Post

Any advice I could give would have a lot to do with your size/build.

I am personally a big fan of Ground control gis. They are very comfortable, well made, and pretty inexpensive compared to other similar gis on the market. Phone Post

Thanks Noose for the input Phone Post

Tatami is my fav , i used to ride the keiko boat but tatami blows it outta the water .

And its made in the same factory as SYR in pakistan so the the designs are very similar , Ouano is also good( ive told by alot of people) Phone Post

Ground Control Fight Gear

I have a killer bee a3 linguista, and it is one of my favorite gis. I am 6'1", 175, and it shrank to fit me perfectly. Not too heavy, but not ultralight either. Phone Post

Sole Uso - check out Sub Culture or MoyaBrand...Very nice looking gis, quality is awesome. Im not a fan of breakpoint, and remember you get what you pay for.

Also remember that sometimes you pay too much for what you get. Higher price does not always mean higher quality. Phone Post