Giada de Laurentiis SPITS, never SWALLOWS!

Giada in not a swallower!  

She spits out every single bite or drink she takes on her cooking show. Always. She has a spit bucket out of sight where she spits the bites she puts in her mouth. They cut while she has the bite in her mouth, she spits it in the bucket, then they continue shooting as she pulls the empty fork out of her mouth pretending to have eaten the bite.  

You're ruining my image of her

Probably has an eating disorder.  She's like a hot bobblehead







In for tiddy pics

I'd let her spit out whatever she wants

Dem tits are epic though

She's got three giant melons. 

Her show has always sucked anyhow


Still bangable.

She has a show? I thought she was famous for being hot. Go figure.

Kind of a bird face, no?

The rest looks good.

Big head bitch.

Would. All fucking day, would. You lie if you wouldnt.

mada -

She's fucking hot. She also comes from a very wealthy family. Add in her ability to cook and she's damn near perfect.

I disagree. I think she is very peculiar looking. Bird-like with a wide face. And she was caught cheating on her husband if memory serves. 

The rich part, the have a point 


Ilikebjj -



Maybe she won't get fat for a couple more years


When they film those shows, they film an entire season in one shot. They work long days filming shot after shot.

If she actually swallowed every little taste she would look like BWS.


Bobby Flay is hitting that.