Giambi admits to roiding

And said he got them from Barroid's weight trainer. I wonder what's gonna happen to Giambi?? Also, arguing with drunks is retarded. These stupid Giants fans had nothing to say last night other than. "Barry doesn't do steroids, just look at him. He doesn't have acne and he's not even that yoked."

lol @ the denial!!!

"And said he got them from Barroid's weight trainer."

The same guy who gave them to Sheffield. How people still believe that Bonds has never done roids, I'll never fucking know.

"I wonder what's gonna happen to Giambi??"

Nothing. Until he tests positive from here on out, not a damn thing.

It's my understanding that Giambi told the truth to prevent anything happening to him. Apparently he was introduced to Bonds' personal trainer in Japan when Barry invited the guy along for the All Star games. But I'm sure Barry is clean.


If it is proven that Bonds used steroids then he should be stripped of all the records he broke while on the illegal substance.

If they can come down on pete rose for tarnishing the game then they should do the same to Bonds.

That goes for big Mac too.

If the MLB can hold a unproven grudge aginst shoeless Joe Jackson and pete rose then it should be applied to Barry bonds too.

"It's my understanding that Giambi told the truth to prevent anything happening to him."

Yeah, all those guys exchanged grand jury testimony for immunity (including his brother, who also was on the juice).

Looks like Floppy can go back to the bar and talk some shit now.

ESPNNews just said that the SF Chronicle got ahold of the grand jury testimony Bonds gave last year. He told them he used two substances, but claimed he didn't know they were steroids..............

Maybe the fact that his hat size went from a 7 to a 7-5/8 should have been a clue?

It was only a matter of time before the truth came out, or in this case, some of the truth.

LOL @ cousin eddie regarding the head size. i was thinking the same thing.

And for the record, I don't think they were "banned" substances. In fact, at the time MLB had no drug policy if memory serves me.

Fucker barely and undeservedly beat Frank Thomas for MVP in 2000.